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 <​Code:​Matlab linenums:1 | Make a sound> <​Code:​Matlab linenums:1 | Make a sound>
-N = length(f2); +N = length(f); 
-yhat = fft(f2);+yhat = fft(f);
 A = abs(yhat)/​N;​ A = abs(yhat)/​N;​
 K = (Fs/​2)*(1:​ceil(N/​2))/​ceil(N/​2);​ K = (Fs/​2)*(1:​ceil(N/​2))/​ceil(N/​2);​
 A = A(1:​ceil(N/​2));​ A = A(1:​ceil(N/​2));​
 +plot(K, A)
 </​Code>​ </​Code>​
 +(We noticed during the lecture that the above code is flawed by 1 element, as it indicates a peak frequency of 441Hz instead of 440Hz! I believe this is because you have to '​dump'​ one of the vector components).