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 ====== Teaching ====== ====== Teaching ======
-I'm currently the Darby Fellow in Applied Mathematics at Lincoln CollegeOxford, which means I do quite a bit of the first and second year teaching ​to mathematics and physics ​students. ​Some scattered notes (some accessible and some not) is available at my sister site: [[http://​www.theshapeofmath.com|The Shape of Mathematics]]. In the meanwhileif you're interested in doing a third year or fourth year project ​with meplease have a look at my [[research|research]] page for the typical problems ​enjoy, and send me an email!+This used to be a somewhat active portion where would list all sorts of interesting items about mathematics teaching. Howeverthese days universities (including Bath) have moved towards having central repository systems for courses, which means that all teaching material is uploaded there and only granted ​to Bath students. ​At some pointI will have to decide what to do with this pagebut for the moment, ​shall list my courses at Bath.
-===== Trinity 2016 =====+===== 2018-2019 ​=====
-This termI will be doing tutorials ​and revisions for the following courses:+  * Dynamics and Chaos (Semester 1MA30060) 
 +  * Vector calculus ​and partial differential equations (Semester 2, MA20223)
-  * Multivariable Calculus, Fourier Series, and PDEs (1st year, Maths) 
-  * Differential Equations 1 and 2 (2nd year, Maths) 
-  * Calculus of Variations (2nd year, Maths) 
-  * Mathematical Methods (CP3, CP4) (1st year, Physics) 
-Students looking for tutor tutorial times should [[calendars|go here]].+===== 2017-2018 ===== 
 +  * Vector calculus and partial differential equations (Semester 2, MA20223)