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 +==== May 2015: Two new papers published ====
 +{{ :​start:​shipmcl.jpg |}}
 +I'm happy to announce the publication of two new papers. The [[http://​dx.doi.org/​10.1017/​jfm.2015.173|first paper]] is published in //​Nonlinearity//​ and is on the topic of developing exponential asymptotics for problems with coalescing singularities (motivated by the study of ship waves, above left) with Jonathan Chapman (Oxford). The [[http://​dx.doi.org/​10.1088/​0951-7715/​28/​5/​1229/​|second paper]], published in the //Journal of Fluid Mechanics//,​ and collaboration with Weiqing Ren (National University of Singapore) and Weinan E (Princeton) seeks to explain the importance of distinguished limits in the classical contact line problem. Both papers can be downloaded from the research section.